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ukraineThe Quality Certificate of Ukraine: UkrSEPRO

With 48 Millions population, the Ukraine is a very attractive market for manufacturers worldwide. Many companies get used to work with Russia, also they may sell their products in Ukraine.


Why is it necessary?

A Declaration of Conformity or an UkrSEPRO certification is mandatory for Ukrainian Customs.
On the other hand, in the domestic market, the local certificate UkrSEPRO is more important than international certificates as ISO 9000 for the reliability and prestige aspects. All of the wholesalers should obtain UkrSEPRO for sales and also any foreign or local manufacturer.

How can you obtain UkrSEPRO ?
  1. send us information about your equipment, then we will answer with our commercial offer indicating the list of documents needed
  2. you will provide us with the documentation, at least Manual, Passport and drawings must be in Russian (or Ukrainian) language – We can provide for you the translation service at very competitive cost.
  3. far all serial certification an inspection visit is mandatory, sometimes we can avoid it or combine it with other clients in order to reduce the costs.
  4. you will receive, after payment, the original of the certificates

Ukr Sepro Logo

The official logo of UkrSEPRO Certification System.


Sorts of UkrSEPRO Certificates

The variation of UkrSEPRO mostly depend of the duration:

Certificates for Single Delivery: In this case, there is an importer Ukrainian Company applies for certification for an individual delivery. This certificate given to the importer according to the Contract and Invoice, for the goods of this delivery. For a different delivery or a different buyer, this certificate is not valid. Sample tests are sometimes necessary.

UkrSEPRO Certificates for 1 year serial production: These kind of Certificates are given on the basis of technical documentation and sample tests. Auditing in the factory is not required. For the companies which has ISO 9000 System the procedure is easier; the products are checked according to the Ukrainian norms. Sample tests are sometimes necessary.

UkrSEPRO Certificates for 2 year serial production, or Declaration of Conformity for 3 years serial production: Those Certificates are given after the auditing of the factory and test of samples. ISO 9000 helps collecting the proper documentation making the procedure easier, but it is not essential to obtain the certificates. (sometimes we can avoid inspection visits or share the costs with other manufacturers)

UkrSEPRO Certificates for 5 year serial production: In this case, even if the company has ISO 9000 from western organizations, it is not enough to obtain the 5 year certificate. The Ukrainian Certification Organ will check the manufacturer as if an Ukrainian ISO certificate hall be issued. Only after testing of the samples this kind of certificates are given to the manufacturer. Every year an inspection control must be carried out and additional test reports are mandatory. Because of these reasons we don't advise this kind of certification to the companies because it became difficult and expensive.

The UkrSEPRO Certificates can be classified as:

  1. Mandatory Certificate: These kind of certificates are asked with Customs Clearance documentation.
  2. Voluntary Certificate: These kind of certificates are asked mostly in domestic market.
  3. Declaration of Conformity: Asked for custom clearance



Certification company and production: 

 2-3 years with company certification. 
It may be obtained for a specific 
contract or with 1 year validity

Necessary for: 
import the product in Ukraine

Must be issued for:
 all products

 declukr gost-u-vol ukr-new-obb

from left Declaration of Conformity, voluntary and mandatory certificate

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