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The Republic of Belarus has a system of certification mostly similar with the Russian one and starting from February 2013 they enter the new Custom Union, so the same rules for the Certificates of Conformity TR TS applied

The main difference is that the products may require a Conformity certificate GOST BY or a Permit to Use Gospromnadzore but not both, unless a new TR TS applied.

TAKE CARE: the Gospromnadzore permit to use, up to now, was not cancelled for the products under the new TR TS (such as in Russia)

1) Conformity certificate GOST BY can be issued for a batch certificate or for serial production for many products depending on their custom code and technical characteristics and if they are not under the new TR TS.

TAKE CARE: voluntary certificates does not exist in Byelorussian system of certification.

2) Permit to Use Gospromnadzore must be issued for many products and for all products dealing with Gas, vessel under pressure, equipment for petrochemical, nuclear etc. It also can be issued for a batch or for serial production.

Sometimes a range of production will require both certificates, for example boilers with power less than 100 Kw and more than 100 Kw.

In order to obtain those certificates it is necessary to apply with an official letter (can be done through us) and, only after that we will have a precise idea of the costs and procedures involved.

After that it will be necessary to invite the inspectors, organize the visit, prepare the documentation (all with our help).

An inspection visit will be necessary for both procedures and require quite long time to be organized so it is advised to start those procedures as soon as possible.

3 years or batch
Necessary for:
 import of goods
Must be issued for:
 most of products


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